At MY PRETTY LITTLE SECRET, We Are Fully Committed To Ensuring That Every Customer Is Satisfied With Their Hair Investment. To Achieve This, We Are Recommending The Following Tips:

• Please Shampoo Co-Wash Extensions Before Installations

• Shampoo Once A Week Or At Least Every Other Week

• Be Sure To Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo Which Is Gentler To The Hair

• When Shampooing The Hair, Always Shampoo Hair In A Downward Motion To Prevent Tangling 

• After Shampooing, Deep Condition The Hair For At Least 30 To 45 Minutes

• Always Rinse Thoroughly After Both Shampoo And Condition; However, Be Sure To Rinse Thoroughly With Cool Water After Conditioning The Hair

• For Best Results, If Possible Let Hair Air Dry

• Although Your Extensions Are 100% Virgin Hair, Unlike Natural Hair, It Is No Longer Receiving Nutrients From The Scalp Therefore Hair Must Be Protected. Since Heat Is Your Hair’s Bigger Enemy, Use Only When Necessary. 

• Also, When Using Heat Be Sure To Use A Heat Protectant Or A Serum

• If You Decide To Color Or Tint Hair Be Sure To Use A Licensed Hair Professional

PLEASE NOTE: Once You Install The Hair And Heavy Product Build-Up Occurs, You Will Need To Use A Deep Clarifying Shampoo To Remove The Product Build-Up.