• What Is The Difference Between Raw And Virgin Steamed Hair?

Raw Hair Is Hair That Has Not Been Altered By Steam or Chemicals. Chemical-Free Unprocessed And The Purest (100%) On The Market.

Virgin Hair Isn’t Manipulated By Chemical Processing In Any Way. It’s Steamed To Achieved Different Textures.


  • What Is A Bundle? How Many Bundles For A Full Sew-In? 

Bundle Means Hair Was Ordered And Not Bought At A Beauty Supply Store. Bundles Usually Weigh Between 3-4 Oz Of Cuticle Aligned Strands Of Hair Going In The Same Direction And Machine Sewn On A Weft And 3 Bundles For Full Heads.


  • What Is The Difference Between Silk And Lace Closures/Frontals? 

Lace Closure/Frontals is Swiss lace, 12”-20”, Individual Strands Of Hair Is Attached To A Lace Base, Gives A Natural Look, And Have Bleach Knots To Camouflage The Black Knots That Come From The Method Used To Conjoin The Hair To The Lace.

Silk Base Is When a Layer Of Silk Which Has Strands Of Hair Sewn Into The Silk And Has A Layer Of Lace And Gives Off The Illusion Of A Scalp. You Can Tint Or Dye Silk Closure With Tea Bags Or Coffee To Get The Desired Color To Mimic Natural Scalp.


  • How To Prevent Balding In Closures/Frontals?

Use A Sealant Designed For Closures And Frontals And Handle Carefully When Brushing, Washing, Or Combing. Brush Hair From The Ends And Work Way Up The Shaft Of The Hair Until You Reach The Roots.


  • How To Care For Curly Hair?
We Don’t Like Putting A Lot Of Products The My Hair So But We Suggest Co-Washing With A High Quality Moistureizing Conditioner. Comb Through With Big Tooth Comb And Rinse Thoroughly. For Large Luscious Curls, Let The Hair Dry By Air; You Want Hair Dripping Wet.
  • What are Micro-Links?

Micro-Links Are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions That Are Made To Be Undetectable. At Minimum, These Extensions Have At Least 500 Strands Of Human Hair Bonded Together At The Tips. Combine Strands Of Your Natural Hair To The Pre-Bonded Extensions Using Tiny Metal Beads To Give You A Flawless, Discreet, and Versatile Hairstyle.